The Wisconsin Lions Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to combating the diabetes epidemic by educating communities and individuals about their risk factors through Diabetes Awareness. As part of ongoing efforts, the Wisconsin Lions Foundation observes the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Alert Day annually on the fourth Tuesday in March.

In 2024, Diabetes Alert Day falls on Tuesday, March 26. This annual event serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding your risk and raising awareness about the seriousness of diabetes.

Why Diabetes Alert Day Matters

Diabetes affects more than 530 million individuals worldwide, with Type 2 diabetes being the most common form. Despite its widespread prevalence, many people remain unaware of their risk factors or may not recognize the early signs of diabetes – including frequent urination, unexplained weight loss, numb or tingling hands or feet, fatigue, excessive thirst and increased hunger.

Diabetes Alert Day shines a spotlight on these issues, empowering individuals to assess their risk and take proactive steps towards prevention and management.

Join Us in Spreading Diabetes Awareness

At the heart of Diabetes Alert Day is community engagement and education. While ordering materials such as educational brochures and flyers certainly supports our efforts, the true essence of this day lies in coming together to share knowledge, support one another and advocate for healthier lifestyles.

How to Celebrate Diabetes Alert Day

There are countless ways to get involved in Diabetes Alert Day:

  • Host Educational Events: Organize workshops, webinars or community gatherings to educate others about diabetes prevention, management and support resources available. Consider offering a physical education class, cooking classes, hosting a Strides event or other community health opportunities with your Club. Use these events as opportunities to distribute your Wisconsin Lions Foundation Diabetes Awareness materials!
  • Share Information and Spread Awareness: Utilize your social media platforms, newsletters and local networks to spread information about Diabetes Alert Day and encourage others to assess their risk factors. Utilize the hashtags #DiabetesAlertDay, #AmericanDiabetesAssociationAlertDay, and #DiabetesAwareness to boost your posts!
  • Encourage Loved Ones to Get Tested: Use this day to urge your loved ones to check their blood sugar levels. Make a commitment with others to get screened for diabetes, or take this simple pre-diabetes online test and then talk with a doctor about the results.
  • Engage with Healthcare Providers: Collaborate with local healthcare providers offering free screenings, health fairs or informational sessions on diabetes awareness and prevention.
  • Lead by Example: Encourage healthy habits within your community by promoting regular exercise, balanced nutrition and regular health check-ups. Be sure you follow your own advice to stay healthy!

Your Impact

As we celebrate Diabetes Alert Day 2024, let’s take a moment to reflect on the impact we’ve made in our communities so far. Last year, the Wisconsin Lions Foundation distributed a total of 131,659 materials to Lions Clubs, including 35,800 water bottle stickers, 1,073 diabetes children’s books and 67,075 coffee sleeves.

Whether it’s through raising awareness or providing support to individuals living with diabetes, every action we take is towards a healthier, more informed public. We hope we can continue to build a positive impact with your help this year!

Get Involved Today

Join the Wisconsin Lions Foundation and countless others across the globe in celebrating Diabetes Alert Day. You can always order diabetes awareness materials online or by mailing this order form to the WLF Office. For more information on diabetes awareness and resources, visit the Wisconsin Lions Foundation webpage and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against diabetes and empower individuals to live healthier, happier lives!