The wish list is a way for the Foundation’s projects, primarily Camp, to request items we would like to have, but do not need.  It’s an opportunity for individuals, donors and Lions Clubs to purchase specific items.

We have two wish lists – one on paper, and an Amazon wish list.

Thank you to some very generous donors, all the items on our paper wish list have been purchased! While this is amazing, this means that we do not currently have a paper wish list.  It will take our staff about two months to do our program inventories, plan for summer camp activities and other planning to come up with ideas for items for this wish list.

We always need donations for the costs of operating our projects and would appreciate donations to fund some of those operational costs.  We’ve broken down a list of Camp’s operational costs below.

(See the attached excel spreadsheet)

If you want to know more about certain costs, please contact our Camp Director Andrea Yenter at  If you are ready to donate, please contact Liz Shelley at 715-677-4969 or at  Thank you for your support!

Our Amazon wish list is still an option for wish list donations and can be accessed here.  Here is our current paper Wish List.