Camp for Kids Raffle 2022 was a Success!

We will be running the Camp for Kids Raffle in 2023 with the following prizes. Tickets will be $10 each and the drawing will be held September 27, 2023 at 2 p.m.  You do not need to be present to win. Tickets will be available in mid-January.

Please contact the Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Inc. at 1-877-463-6953 or for more information. Prizes are below.

  • 1st Prize – $2,500 Cash
  • 2nd Prize – $1,500 Cash
  • 3rd Prize – $1,000 Cash
  • 4th-8th Prizes – $500 Cash
  • 9th-18th Prizes – $250 Cash

We were able to raise just over $56,000 for our projects this year.

1st Prize – $2,500 Fred F.
2nd Prize – $1,500 Winnifred U.
3rd Prize – $1,000 Bruce Blue Hills Lions
4th – 8th Prizes – $500 Oak Creek Lions
Clintonville Lions
Newton Lions
Sally F.
Marlys F.
9th-18th Prizes – $250 Elroy Lions
Mary R.
Jennifer M.
Potosi-Tennyson Lions
Gary G.
Tom B.
Sparrow D.
McCaslin Lions
Antigo Lions
Ann R.