Help Wisconsin Lions Foundation Meet Our Goals with Year-End Giving

It’s no secret: running a foundation which supports no-cost community wellness initiatives and
programs for children and adults with disabilities requires sufficient funds to operate smoothly. In fact,
funding all of our projects is a huge task to take on, year after year, to ensure we fulfill our mission of
improving the lives of Wisconsin youth and adults. Yet, we know with the help of our dedicated Lions
Clubs and generous donors, we can meet our fundraising goals!

Ways to Donate
To help support our many projects, we have a variety of ways to donate.

Annual or Recurring Donations
Lions Clubs plan annual donations to the Foundation, as this is an easy, efficient way for Clubs to
support the many programs we facilitate. Annual donations can be donor-directed or towards the
General Fund.

When making your donation, you can also choose to make a recurring contribution. You may contribute
on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, in addition to yearly.

General Fund
The greatest need Wisconsin Lions Foundation experiences is in our General Fund. All donations to our
General Fund are distributed between our five projects. Donations to the General Fund ensures we can
continue providing quality services for all our projects and that funds go where they are most needed.

One key aspect of the General Fund is that it helps us cover important practical costs, such as food
services; maintenance to Camp buildings and structures; utilities; and even janitorial supplies to keep
our camp clean! The General Fund can also support the expansion of projects, so we can grow the reach
of our eyeglass recycling center or increase the number of vision screenings held each year.

To donate to the General Fund, navigate to our Donate page and select your designation as “As you see

Donor Directed
Funds can also be directed to specific projects, meaning you can align your donation with the purpose
closest to your heart! You can designate your donation to one of our five projects online using our
Donate page, or by sending a check to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation address: Wisconsin Lions
Foundation, Inc, 3834 County Road A, Rosholt, WI 54473.

Eyeglass Recycling
Vision Screening
Hearing Program
Diabetes Education

Other Ways to Give
In addition to directing your donation to a specific project fund, Wisconsin Lions Foundation has other
major contribution options to make a difference.

Wall of Honor – The Foundation’s Wall of Honor contains blocks to recognize Clubs, members,
loved ones and businesses for their support of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation. Each block can
be purchased for $500, or split between two years at $250 per year. The funds generated are
used for repair and maintenance of our existing buildings or new construction as needed.
Blocks are 2” x 6” x 3/4” thick and are laser engraved with the donor’s name.

Friends and Honor Garden – This beautiful flower, tree and shrub garden complete with trellis
work and water fountain recognizes Friends of the Foundation. A beautiful and peaceful
setting, donors are recognized via permanent inscription on 6’ x 10’ granite-clad walls.
Contributions of $5,000 or more will provide the donor with a 12” x 12” diamond-shaped
block; contributions of $2,500 to $4,999 provides a half diamond.

Finally, we are working to provide opportunities for volunteers to join us in 2022 which will be posted
regularly on our website.

Lions Clubs, please note: donations to the above funds are not to take the place of your annual

Your Donation’s Impact
When you give to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation, you empower us to better serve others. Your
donation allows us to provide memorable experiences to hundreds of campers each year, and enables
us to better the wellbeing of local and international communities.

Just how far can your donation go? Let’s take a look at the numbers!

In 2021…

• We hosted 629 campers in our summer Lions Camps, including our Diabetes Camp after a yearlong break.
• We received 670,928 pairs of glasses in our Recycling Center, and 105,901 of those pairs were
shipped out to Missions in developing countries across the globe. As one of 18 worldwide
Certified Lions Clubs International Recycling Centers, these donations helped us provide sight to
countries around the world with little to no access to eye health services.
• Our Children’s Vision screening has screened 34,829 individuals and of those, we referred 2,759
for further testing.

When you donate to our many projects, you are helping us carry out our mission to reach, touch, and
improve lives in communities near and far. Whether you give in an annual contribution, as a General
Fund donation, or by showing your support with a major contribution to the Wall of Honor or the
Friends and Honors Garden—know it is so appreciated by those we serve.

If you would like to give yet this year, please visit our Donate page, or Other Ways to Donate for
additional information. Should you have any questions regarding ways to give, please contact us for assistance.